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How to Ease Tooth Extraction Pain

Many people experience some pain or discomfort after a tooth extraction. The severity of the pain varies from one patient to the next. However, most people find that a few simple solutions help ease the pain. If your dentist doesn’t provide pain medication or you’d prefer an alternative remedy, try one of the options below out in your time of need.


Tooth extractions are fairly minor procedures but they water the body out. Be sure to rest for the remainder of the day following an extraction. The next day may also be a time to heal and recover. Get plenty of rest during this time.

Mouth Rinse

Rinse your mouth out two to three times per day following the tooth extraction. This helps remove germs from your mouth and helps prevent bacterial infections. Your dentist may provide a mouth rinse or you can purchase one from the local pharmacy for a few dollars.

Change your Diet

While eating a slice of pizza may seem yummy, it may not be the right choice of food after a tooth extraction. Change our diet to include softer foods for several days after the extraction. This eases pain and any risks of discomfort.

tooth extraction tacoma

Ice Packs

Place an ice pack over the mouth over the affected area. Ice numbs the extraction area so the pain doesn’t bother you. The cold sensations also help reduce swelling so there are a couple of benefits in one.

You shouldn’t experience a good deal of pain during a tooth extraction. However, expect minimal discomfort after the procedure. In order to prevent tooth pain after you’ve had a tooth extraction tacoma, use the information above. Any of these ideas can help you make it through the aftermath of a tooth extraction.