colonoscopy in mount pleasant

How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy┬ů even the word gives someone shivers! Learning about what it is often causes most people to curl up into a ball. But having a doctor shove a camera up your behind to examine your large intestine can be an uncomfortable thought.

Still, they do have to be done, and there are ways to prepare for them. It won’t make the procedure any less awkward, but it will allow you to get in and out quickly.

What is a Colonoscopy

Basically, you are drugged and made sleepy, then you lie down on your side. Once you are relaxed enough the doctor inserts a long tube into your rectum and moves it into your large intestine. The doctor is examining you for any abnormalities, and once he is done, it is pulled out.

While you shouldn’t feel any pain during the colonoscopy in mount pleasant, and should be pretty relaxed due to the drugs, you might feel some cramping. Taking a few deep breaths can help offset this.

What to Do Beforehand

You’ll need to tell your doctor about any medical conditions you might have, and the doctor might make adjustments depending on you. Additionally, you might have restrictions on what or how much you can eat and drink beforehand.

Finally, you’ll need someone to drive you home after the procedure, because you will have been sedated and still under the effects.

After the Procedure

colonoscopy in mount pleasant

Once you are done, you’ll have to wait in the doctor’s office for about 30 minutes, and then can go about your day as normal. The doctor will give you discharge instructions, and if you experience rectal bleeding or pain, you’ll need to tell your doctor.

And that’s that! You’ll get the results of the procedure, and then you can move on with your healthy life.